Wildlife watching in Apuseni mountains can be the needed experience!

The Apuseni Mountains is a mountain range in Western Transylvania, Romania.

In the heart of Romania, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains lays Transylvania.

Apuseni mountains area is famous worldwide for its karsts. It’s a very good place for hiking, to explore old villages in the mountains, but most important – there are about 400 caves, and many of them are very accessible without any fitness level requirements. The area surrounde by Apuseni moutains is a place where you can sleep in a rudimentary guesthouse in a mountain village, and taste home made food and local plum brandy.

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Apuseni Mountains areas- point of interests

In Apuseni Mountains we can show you very interesting wildlife animals and birds. The areas of more importance in Apuseni are Vl?deasa, Piatra Secuiului, Arie?eni, Trasc? Citadel, Turda and so on. 

The Apuseni Nature Park is also known as the cavers’ paradise. This park protects one of the most interesting cave fauna in the Romania. You can find traces of the prehistoric man, fossils of animals that lived in Prehistoric Ages. Also there are lot of caves with rare bat populations.
Limestone is responsible for the area’s impressive landforms. We can find out together sculptured mountain ridges and delicate cave decorations. Above all mysterious underground rivers will surely keep visitors’ photo cameras very busy!

Wildlife watching in Apuseni can be very fun and full of new experiences! Just contact us now for an amazing wildlife program!

Tourism services in Apuseni mountains

Join us if you want to:
– make new friends
– explore amazing sceneries with local guides in Apuseni mountains
– experience wildlife watching in Apuseni accompanied by wildlife researchers
– taste authentic Transylvania  home-grown foods and drinks
– discover “hidden secret” places in Romania, which you will not find on any guidebook about Romania.

By letting us to guide you through Apuseni mountains you will:
– rich and explore flora and fauna from Apuseni mountains
– find very hospitable hosts in heart of Transylvania
– experience simple relaxed life in an extraordinary landscape, with a glass of home-made bilberry liquor or plum brandy
– other challenging outdoor activities in Apuseni mountains

Enjoy life at it’s best by Apuseni mountains wildlife watching and tracking!