Transylvania wildlife watching, one of Romanian’s best area for tracking

In the heart of Romania, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains lays Transylvania.

Its pristine forests are inhabited by over 3000 wolves, 5500 bears and 1500 lynx, as well as other large mammals of Europe. In summer there are 5 million sheep grazing up in the mountains. The coexistence is not without conflicts, but people have learned how to protect their flocks very efficiently and wildlife rarely gets in contact with humans.

Trip locations in Transylvian region

It is an area full of historical attractions, such as Bran Castle (a.k.a. “Dracula’s Castle”), Brasov medieval town with the famous Black Church, Sighisoara medieval town, Viscri (a beautiful Saxon village with an impressive fortified church), Sibiu medieval town, many fortified churches like Prejmer, Harman or Cristian, Rasnov citadel.

Other attractions include different salt mines open to public (in Turda and Praid), Balea glacial lake in Fagaras mountain or Transfagarasan road.

Tourism services in Transylvania

Join us if you want to:
– make new friends
– explore amazing sceneries with local guides
– experience wildlife accompanied by wildlife researchers
– taste authentic Romanian home-grown foods and drinks
– discover “hidden secret” places in Romania, which you will not find on any guidebook
By letting us to guide you you will:
– rich Transylvania flora and fauna
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– maybe paragliding or rock climbing and why not, cross-country skiing
– mountain biking in Transylvania rounded mountains
– other challenging outdoor activities in Transylvania wildlife watching tours

Enjoy life at it’s best by wildlife watching and tracking in Transylvania!