Maramures is not only the land of wooden churches and myths- Mamramures wildlife watching at its best!

County  of Maramures is located in the Northern part of Romania.

Maramures best range mountains are Gutâi, Tibles and the Rodna mountains. All are part of the Eastern Carpathians. The rest of the county is formed by hills, plateaus, and valleys.
Also we must point that the county is crossed by the well-known Tisa River and its main tributaries (Iza, Viseu, and Mara rivers).

Main attractions in Maramures area included the wooden churches with old painted walls part of UNESCO heritage. Also we can find the steam train ride – Mocanita (one day trip), old peasant houses and amazing hilly landscapes rich in flowers and insects. You might also see and enjoy on  hay stacks, very good wine and strong plum brandy called Horinca (Palinca). Not at least, we must mention very authentic home grown food that enchanted all your senses.

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Tourism services in Maramures

There are more you can experience not only Maramures wildlife watching!
Join us if you want to:
– make new friends of course
– explore amazing sceneries with local guides
– experience wildlife accompanied by wildlife researchers
– taste authentic Maramures home-grown foods and drinks
– discover “hidden secret” places in Romania, which you will not find on any guidebook about Maramures.

Therefore by letting us to guide you through Maramures  you will:
– rich Maramures  flora and fauna
– find very hospitable hosts in heart of Maramures
– experience simple relaxed life in an extraordinary landscape, with a glass of home-made bilberry liquor or plum brandy like no place ever
– maybe paragliding or rock climbing and why not, cross-country skiing
– mountain biking in Maramures  rounded mountains
– other challenging outdoor activities in Maramures

Enjoy life at it’s best by Maramures wildlife watching and tracking!

If you ever feel the need to experience new sensations on wildlife watching do not hesitate to contact us!