Difficulty of the wildlife watching tours

Difficulty of the wildlife watching trips run by Absolute Carpathian. Travel to Romania: holiday planning, online tips, information about Transylvania, Romania

The areas inhabited by large carnivores are the ones less accessible for most people. We have noticed that in time, because of the more and more increased human pressure on the environment, the distance from which we manage to see wildlife has also increased. Most species of interest preffer to go higher up in the mountains to follow their prey and to avoid humans (especially during summer).


On the right side you have detailed the dificulty grades explained.

Trips graded A imply minimum to no effort, being accesible for almost everybody. There are no special requirements in clothing, shoes etc, but still it is good to have at least comfortable shoes, binoculars, sun hat, sun creams, water bottle and a small backpack with you.
Trips graded B imply at least one day (2-3 hours of hiking up plus 1-2 hours of hiking downhill) of moderate effort (medium difficulty, average altitude difference of 400m) . We reccommend you bring comfortable walking shoes, walking clothing, a walking pole, as well as the equipment mentioned at grading A.
Trips graded C imply several days of hiking 30′-1h every morning and evening in medium to hard mountainous terrain. It is compulsory that you bring good hiking boots, hiking clothing, a walking pole, as well as the rest of the equipment mentioned before.
Trips graded D are the most strenuous. They are dedicated to those with very good physical condition, used with the hardship of the mountains. They imply sleeping in tents or mountain cabins, with no toilets or showers. Also, they imply that you will carry in your backpack your own equipment, PLUS food and sleeping gear. The terrain is difficult both uphill and downhill, taking you in the heart of a wildlife reserve, where animals rarely see any humans. From our experience vegetarians have a hard time coping with these tours unless they “prepare” for a few days prior to these trips and during the trips by eating lots of proteins. Your equipment should include good hiking boots with ankle support, gaiters to protect your legs from dense ground vegetation, as well as the rest mentioned above.


Most of the activities we invite you to experience imply a certain degree of physical effort, encounters with wild animals and intense emotions.

Make sure that your health allows you to join us!



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