is committed to monitoring and amending our approach to travel, providing guests both flexibility and security during COVID-19.


ABSOLUTE CARPATHIAN is a very flexible travel agency. Even before the pandemic, we based most of our bookings on a copy of our guests’ flight tickets. We believe that once you commit that much money to visit us – it is enough for us to make all the arrangements necessary (except when we tailor our trips with services that require advance payments, e.g. hotels). We only request 48 hours notice to cancel a trip (that being a sign of courtesy from our guests).
In case our guests opt to pay for their trip in advance (in case of bank transfers) – upon a prior 48-hour notice of cancellation of the trip, we reimburse the entire amount except any charges from our collaborators (e.g. bank fees, cancellation fees etc).
Where a full refund is not requested, but rather a credit, this will be at 100% of the value of the original payment. All credits must be used within 12 months from date of cancellation. Failure to utilize the credit amounts to forfeiture. Credit is non-refundable as cash and may only be used towards an alternative future booking with ABSOLUTE CARPATHIAN. Future bookings are subject to availability.
All refunds will be processed within 5 business days of the visitor’s confirmed request

In order to ensure compliance, once international restrictions are lifted for tourism and travel, visitors will be required to comply with the following:
All visitors MUST wear a facemask when in a communal space.
All visitors MUST maintain a 1.5m distance from other guests not members of their group, at all times in communal spaces.
All visitors MUST comply with any COVID-19 regulations, directives and guidelines issued in terms of the Law no. 55/2020 issued by the Romanian Parliament.

When travelling with ABSOLUTE CARPATHIAN, your safety is of paramount importance to us.
Most importantly:
We do not mix or overlap groups (this rule was valid even before this pandemic, to maximize the chances of spotting the target species in uncontrolled conditions): e.g. a guest traveling alone is a one-person group. Thus, we reduce to minimum the chances of contracting Covid-19 or other contagious diseases during the trip with us.
All our collaborators are very aware people, and if showing any signs of disease – they ask other collaborators to replace them in direct relation with our guests. We believe disease decreases performance and our aim is to offer our guests the best experience in our area.
On the other hand, our itineraries include accommodation services at properties run by independent third-party owners (“Third Party Service Providers”). Whilst all Third-Party Service Providers of ABSOLUTE CARPATHIAN have committed to implement similar processes and procedures to try and protect guests making use of their services, ABSOLUTE CARPATHIAN is not in a position to validate or dictate their health and safety protocols. As a result, we cannot accept any form of liability (in the broadest terms) should you (or any member of your party) contract an infectious disease (including COVID-19) when using the services of a Third-Party Service Provider. The same will apply in respect of public areas (i.e. landmarks, public venues, sightseeing venues, etc.) which you may wish to visit, as we have no control over health and safety protocols followed at public areas or any action(s) of a member of the public which may cause an infection of an infectious disease.
As with any protocol the measure of success in implementing a process or procedure under a protocol will be determined by the level of compliance and adherence to the relevant processes and procedures prescribed by the relevant protocol. Whilst ABSOLUTE CARPATHIAN will ensure full compliance by its management, employees and contractors with the protocols requested by Law no. 55/2020 issued by the Romanian Parliament, ABSOLUTE CARPATHIAN cannot accept any liability in the event of a guest(s) contracting an infectious disease (including COVID-19).