Bear watching – one day trip

Bear watching with a bear researcher in Transylvania, Romania

Trip available from April/May till late October. It takes place very early in the morning and in the afternoon (precise hour to be confirmed) until almost dark. Mid-day off for other activities.

This trip takes you out in the middle of the forest in search of wild bears, as well as many other species of wildlife. You will be accompanied by one of the bear researchers we collaborate with, who will maximize your chances to experience wildlife in its own habitat focusing on bear watching. As we are in search of wild animals – there are no guarantees you will manage to see anything, as the success of your trip depends on many factors: weather, mood of the animals, unforeseen human activity and luck.

difficulty grade: C – click here for explanations

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By allocating only one day for bear watching you rely very much on chance. In order to increase your chances of bear watching in the wild and decreasing the costs we advise you to consider giving yourselves more than one day for this trip.


Good level of fitness required. You need to be able to stay relatively still and quiet for a few hours , as well as hike on rough terrain for up to 1 hour.
You will need a high-ground car for transport (available upon request).



Thank you for choosing us for your short trip focused on bear watching!



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