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Bear watching in the evening

Bear watching starting from Brasov gives you the opportunity to see wild brown bears in Brasov area, Transylvania, Romania

High season from May till October (possible also out of season, please check availability and opportunity). It takes place in the afternoon/evening (precise hour to be confirmed) until almost dark.

The hide is a facility where wild bears are attracted with food for close-up observations. The main purpose of this place is to keep bears interested in this part of the forest instead of feeding from the garbage bins in Brasov or Predeal. Usually we are successful in seeing bears, but as there are wild animals involved – nothing is guaranteed! They might decide to come for the food only after dark :)

difficulty grade: A – click here for explanations

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Program Description

An easy walk of app. 5 minutes on almost flat ground for bear watching at the bear hide.

You will be requested to wear dull colors and appropriate clothes and shoes for a short walk in the forest, as well as to not use the flash and cover the red/white light on you camera!
Important notes on bear watching:
– the food provided at the hide constitutes only a small part of the bears’ diet, and most bears do not even come to the hide as the forest provides more than enough food for them.
– the bears that do come to the hide are very aware that we are present there, but we still need to keep a low voice and be relatively still for a few hours.
– there is a short and safe walk from the place where we park the car to the hide itself and back (app. 10 minutes on almost flat terrain); you are always accompanied by a wildlife guide and a ranger, who both know how to handle any “unforeseen” situation
– we stay at the hide until almost dark or until the ranger decides it is time to move out because of the bears’ activity on the way
– the photo fee is included for non-commercial photos, but you will have to avoid using the flash or the red light, as they chase the bears away.

You will be requested to not use the flash or cover the red light on you camera!
As this is a very popular activity – you need to book it way in advance!

Bear watching starting from Brasov – afternoon/evening visit


Very low level of fitness required. You only need to be able to stay relatively still and quiet for a few hours (no toilet available during the visit).




Cost: 45 Euro per person

This cost includes the photo fee for non-commercial purposes.

Thank you for choosing us for your short visit focused on wild bear watching!


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