Tailor made holidays to Romania

/Tailor made holidays to Romania

Tailor made holidays to Romania.

These tailor made holidays give you the opportunity to plan which locations to visit and what activities to include in your trip.

Since 2004 many of our guests have become our friends during their holidays spent with us. We offer decent prices for excellent services because for us your holiday is not a business, but an honor and a chance to help your discover some of the best things Romania has to offer.

We have assisted many families and groups of friends to create unique itineraries to suit their interests and possibilities, the end result (the actual holiday spent with us) being usually even better than the planned one.

You can choose the areas to visit (Brasov, the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Apuseni, Maramures or Bucovina), the activities to include in the trip (wildlife watching, hiking, biking, paragliding, visiting cultural objectives, rural areas or just enjoy the simple life with a glass of home made liquor in amazing landscapes) or the species of fauna and flora to focus on.

Your tailor made holidays to Romania is one step away!

Check out the opinions of some of our previous guests:

old yard house in Transylvania
rural house from Romania

Things to consider when drafting your tailor made holidays to Romania:

1. duration of the trip: think how many days you have available for your holiday, including two days for your flight from/to Romania
2. main focus of your trip: our expertise can bring into your holiday excellent local food and drinks, interesting mammals, birds, old buildings, painted churches, wooden churches, fortified churches, salt mines, mad volcanoes, mountain landscapes, seaside, dolphins, travel by boat, steam train trip, etc.

Specific ideas about tailor made holidays:

3. the areas you want to visit. We have good local knowledge on Brasov area, the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Apuseni, Maramures and Bucovina. If you plan to visit one of these areas we advice you to take into consideration a minimum of 3 nights to spend there (this will give you just “a taste” of the area). If you plan to visit more than one area you will need to consider also the transfers, which from our experience take at least half a day. Our experience allows us to plan “the least painful” transfers, with stops and interesting things to see/visit on the way.

More about tailor made holidays!

4. general activities to include in your trip. We are specialized on: wildlife watching with a wildlife researcher and/or visit to a bear or wild boar hide, hiking, biking, paragliding, cultural visits, rural life. Tip: make sure that your level of fitness, age and health allows you to undertake those activities. If you’re not sure which level of fitness or age is required by certain activities, contact us for advice.
5. group size and budget: obviously the bigger the group – the cheaper it becomes per person, as the common costs (transport, guiding etc) divide to more persons. Please take into consideration that for some activities a bigger group might lower the quality of the experience (for example the more people are in a group the less chances you have to see wildlife in pure natural conditions, as the level of smell and noise increases).

Thank you for choosing us for your tailor made holidays to Romania!

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